What We Do

Alternative Day Options
An individual-focused service whereby community opportunities - exclusive of work and work-related options - are developed for the individual.

Life Skills Programs
Focuses on transitions, such as, education-to-work training, life skills, social skills, and community awareness. Through these programs, we encourage the development of the individual's personal growth.

Vocational Programs
Workers help fulfill contracts and provide services to the community within an industrial model. The focus is on work-related skill development in a supervised setting.


Community Based Employment
This program encourages and supports individuals in jobs in local businesses. If you have an opening in your business, please feel free to call Kelly at 354-2723.
* Riverbank General Store located in Mill Village is our business. It is the natural evolutionary component in the continuum of employment opportunities.


Residential Services
In addition to our day programs, a variety of living options are available, such as, supervised apartments, group homes, and developmental homes.