Penny Lane Enterprises

An Adult Training Centre which offers day program options for learning and work for individuals with a variety of challenges, some with few issues while others are profoundly challenged.


Penny Lane Enterprises offers a life-skills and social development program under a 'person-centred' philosophy. We offer a pre-vocational training component and a vocational training area with various cottage industries offering opportunity to learn on the job skills. Following along the line of support for people, PLE will pair up individuals with employers in the community to secure job training, as well as, support a person in a competitively paid position. If you would like any information regarding a possible placement, please contact Kelly at 354-2723.


Riverbank General Store

An extension of the concept of working in the community. Paid employment is the goal in a naturalized setting. Riverbank fits the bill. A small general store in the heart of Mill Village, with great potential. As the store changes to include an expanded stock, cafe and gift shop, it will provide an area to showcase items produced at Penny Lane, and provide varying employment opportunities.